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Specialists in customised sheet metal processing in Italy

Cutting-edge expertise  Pollastri's skilled technicians are at the forefront in Italy for sheet metal processing and structural metalwork.
Our automated machinery runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 360 days a year.

  • 30 workers (technical)

  • 30 years of experience and innovation

  • 30 machines for cutting-edge sheet metal processing, laser cutting, bending, robot welding

  • 30 excellent reasons to choose Officine Pollastri: speed, precision, competitiveness, high standards of quality, professionalism, etc…

Innovation is our strength

Our new premises provide more space and house a fully upgraded suite of machinery (lasers, robot bending machines, CNC machine tools, welding robots) to achieve maximum performance in sheet metalworking.

Process automation and Just in time

With its process automation and just in time production, for 30 years, Officine Pollastri has been at the forefront in Italy for the automatic processing of sheet metal.
Our extensive production capacity means we can rapidly meet our customers' needs, be they small or large in scale.
We are also the ideal Italian partner for the supply of pre-assembled light structural metalwork products from designs.

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